A sporadic blog entry since Gary’s Gathering last June, but I feel I must assure my noble funders that I have not fled into farthest exile with their hard-earned cash. In fact, some of the cash has already been invested in the purchase of no more than seven Fuji digital compact cameras, purchased under a promotional discount thanks to the support of photography charity PhotoVoice.  Additionally,  thanks to the advice of one particularly perspicacious* funder, half the funds have now been transferred into the coffers of Casa Alianza Mexico to be earmarked for the project so that, under an official charitable status, it can receive gift aid from the right honourable HMRC. The remainder was used to reach my Crowdfunder target† of £2500 (the contract of the site being that if targets are not met in the given time, any money raised on the site will be returned to funders, which, from the project’s point of view, would be disastrous). Once my time is up there, that money too will be transferred into the trusty hands of Casa Alianza for earmarking.

A couple prepares my ox tongue taco

And now, with the money matter settled, I swiftly move onto the Mexico matter. I have been in the country two weeks to date and am settling in quite nicely to my new beans and tacos diet, with only some minor damages to the stomach. Indeed, the city is as big and bustling as I remember it to be, and having resided in the flat lands of the Thames and Mersey rivers my whole life, it is quite surreal to look out and find my new home cocooned by very large mountains on all sides. There has been no lack in things to do; aside from flat hunting (and also some much needed friend hunting), I have been liaising with various photographers, PRs and companies in order to generate some local support for the project before it really gets started next month.

Business discussions about T-shirts take place next to a late night repairs shop

So, until September (perhaps earlier if something really exciting happens) I leave you with a few photographs of the city and a big, virtual Mexican wave.

¡Hasta luego!

*This is a new word I’ve recently learned (although, unfortunately it’s not Spanish) meaning “having a ready insight into and understanding of things”. 

†If you haven’t already viewed my on line pitch, please feel free to click on the link or visit http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/investment/street-children-photography-in-mexico-199 You have 28 days left to do so!

The City by night

Running after mama

A man busily welds something in Valle de Almazora