As you well know, projects such as these never run according to the written plan; the twists and turns of real life and the whims and ways of real people dictate the direction of our practical endeavours. In testimony to this reality, I found myself last month filming my DÉBUT DOCUMENTARY with the boys.

This was the unplanned result of a cultural exchange that Casa Alianza UK has placed under my very capable charge with a wee primary school in Edinburgh, Scotland . In aid of this coming-together of two culturally-rich nations (neither my own), I managed to get my Central American youth organised  for an impromptu session of “show and tell” on camera. With such enthusiasm was this activity taken on by the boys that by the end of that day I was all too intimidated by the daunting task of editing the perplexingly long digital ream of their interviews and presentations. Lucky for me, I had within arms length a pro for the job, and so I left the multitude of moving images to his expertise. Three weeks and several motivational trips to his studio later, I have ready to present to you our Casa Alianza Iztacalco Boys’ Home Movie. Enjoy.