First and foremost I owe a huge THANK YOU to the warm and wonderful Poonam Sattee and Sue of the Casa Alianza UK team, ( who gave me the opportunity to work on their volunteer placement scheme. Their support was unwavering throughout my time in Mexico and their dedication to working on behalf of children in Central America is an inspiration.

Secondly, I would like to thank Casa Alianza Mexico for welcoming me to the team and helping me to bring the Transitions project to life. My gratitude goes to the children for all their patience, encouragement and generosity. Thank you to Angelica López for pulling everything together in those final weeks, and to Sofía Almazán for listening. To David Franco and the CAM Street Outreach team, I remain in awe of their work; thank you for being so welcoming from day one and so encouraging throughout.

And to those helping hands outside of Casa Alianza: Claire Atri, wherever you are, thank you for joining me on all the hours of proposals, plans and photo-suites, for remounting the exhibition in the rain, for being my best friend and older sister figure well beyond the project.  To Mauricio Palos, thank you for all your wise(ish) words along the way, for lending me your contacts and your spare room. To Carlos Cazalis, thank you for not charging on the many hours of consultancy, for being interested, always, and for introducing me to Mauricio! Here in Blighty, thank you, Sophie James –other half of my brain and sanity- for making the journey; to Mum and Dad, thank you both for never really leaving me to it. To George Thompson, thank you for the camera, you provided the absolute core to the project! Thank you to all the donators of money, photographs, books, booze and holidays in aid of fundraising, especially to the University of Liverpool School of History, Languages and Cultures for its generous donation. Thank you, John Shield, for throwing me off the train and in the deep end. To those I haven’t mentioned over in México: George Anguiano, Dove Sealth, Milja Härma, Alfredo Betancourt, Diego Villalobos and the Sánchez Ochoa family, I owe you a ‘gracias’ for all the times you picked me up, brushed me off, and sent me back on the road.

Casa Alianza

Please take time to look at the Casa Alianza website to see in more depth the work that they undertake to help raise funds and awareness for their partner projects in Mexico, Guatemala , Nicaragua and Honduras.

The volunteer programme is ongoing and Casa are always in need of suitably qualified volunteers to undertake placements both with their project partners and in the UK.

 You can also make a donation to support this vital work via a secure connection on the website and sign up to receive regular, free newsletters on their work.